The Drumprint Brand Drum Placement Marking System provides drummers with a way to outline their drum kits'
footprint on a drum rug for faster, easier, and more consistent set up every time!

The Drumprint Concept
Drummers are unique individuals, each having their own preferences, styles, musical tastes, and ambitions.  Over time
this uniqueness evolves into various forms, ultimately leading to a particular setup that defines the drummer's
individuality and enhances their playing ability.  Hours of practice ultimately leads to a configuration of precisely placed
components on which a drummer hones in his/her musical abilities.  The precise placement of the tom-toms, snare
drums, stands, and pedals is a culmination of many adjustments (and fine-tuning) made by the drummer over time,
reflecting his/her own playing style, ergonomic needs, and component preference.  Once the setup is perfected, the
biggest challenge then becomes replication of that setup at a new location (venue, recording studio, etc.).  Use of visual
memory and recall, no matter how well performed, generally requires additional adjustments by the drummer after the
initial placement and setup to ensure each component is positioned in exactly the spot the drummer is accustomed to
having it.  Components even slightly out of place could lead to inadvertent strikes, loss of stick, and most important of
all, loss of confidence ultimately affecting a drummer's performance.

The Drumprint product concept is designed to address the replication challenge by creating a footprint of a drummer's
drum kit components on a drum rug which can then be transported from place to place.

Components such as stands and pedals, are outlined using the uniquely designed Drumprint Brand Drum Placement
Marking System Marking Strips which adhere to commercially available drum rugs as shown in the depiction below.

Each Drumprint package comes with a basic set of Marking Strips, enough for 5 stands and two pedals.

The Drumprint brand Arced Stand Feet Marking Strips          are placed outside the feet of tom-toms, tom-tom stands,
and cymbal stands.  These are accompanied by Drumprint brand Labeling Marking Strips      which can be inscribed
with bright colored permanent markers to note the specific component to be placed in the area defined by the Drumprint
brand Arced Stand Feet Marking Strips.

Pedals are outlined using Drumprint brand Pedal Side Marking Strips                         and Drumprint brand Pedal Heel
Marking Strips       .

Once all drum components are outlined and the footprint is created, the drum kit can be removed and the rug can be
rolled up.  The Drumprint brand Drum Placement Marking System Marking Strips are designed to remain adhered to the
drum rug through the rug's rolling/unrolling process.  Be sure to keep cymbal/tom stand radial arms and center posts
locked tightly in place, only collapsing the stand legs to ensure positioning can be duplicated at the next location.

All Drumprint brand Drum Placement Marking System Marking Strips are durable, adjustable, reusable, and removable!
U. S. Patent No's. 8,507,780 & 8,653,348

Roll it up and go!